Make your wish for the world

Every wish is important and will be cherished. The Rainbow World Fund (RWF) World Tree of Hope ® taps into our two most powerful resources – the human mind and heart – giving individuals a way to join together to express our hopes and intentions for the future of our global community.

Your wish will be printed, folded in an origami crane and placed on the tree!
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Some of the wishes received from around the world . . .

"My wish is to find a way to serve the world." - Evela, age 32, Cape Town, South Africa

"Free medical care for everyone!" - Dorothy Leung, age 66, New York City, New York, USA

"Brothers and sisters! I wish in coming year you all have harmony and peace in your life, you have good health, happiness and fun a lot. Let Eywa smiles to you." - Taras Gaidukov, age 22, Kharkov, Ukraine

"My wish is for peace in the hearts of all human beings to bring about peace in our world, a world free from any form of discrimination and hate." - Sister Marie Des Jarlais, FSPA, Mexico City, Mexico

"I wish that, one day soon, all kids will be able to grow up in a world where they will know that being gay or lesbian is not only accepted but also a part of the wonderful and important diversity of the world." - Kurt Henning Johnsen, age 38, Leiden, The Netherlands

"I wish that all war, poverty, hunger and sickness would come to an end and for us to all live in peace, love and happiness." - Jay Haurat, age 20, Brisbane, Australia

"I wish that mankind would see each other as one OHANA (Family) and that the true essence of family values was what governed our lives." - Nova Leispers, age 62, Honolulu, Hawaii

"I wish that my moms, and all same sex couples were afforded the basic human right of marriage and in turn given the legal rights needed so that she can become a citizen. I wish that we could live, work and be just like every other family." - Marina, age 18, San Carlos, California, USA

"I wish for everyone to live up to their full potential and realise there are no limits set on us just the ones we imagine." - Dean Coles, age 29, Abingdon, Oxon, England

"Enseignement. Compréhension. Acceptation. Polyvalence. Paix! - Darcy, age 25, Paris, France

"I wish a world of more compassionate and generous people. Where every body share their goods and give love without discrimination. A world without barriers of race, sex, age, religion. A world without borders and walls." - Juan Ramon Gutierrez, age 53, Corrientes, Argentina

"My wish for the world is that we will make world wide efforts ( but especially in the United States) to save this precious planet of ours. My very personal wish is that my friends in Latin America will soon receive potable water." - Sister Jan Gregorcich, SSND, Elm Grove, Wisconsin, USA

"More father's loving their sons." - Anonymous