Celebrity, Notable, and Children's Wishes

Celebrity, Notable and Children's Wishes

Celebrity Wishes

Jeff Cotter, Dame Jane Goodall with her wish, Paul Stankiewicz

Jeff Cotter, Dame Jane Goodall with her wish, Paul Stankiewicz

"A world for our children more just, more fair, and more kind than the one we know now."
President Barack Obama

"As we look around the world today - at the conflicts, the destruction of the environment, the human and animal suffering – it almost seems absurd to say that my wish is for a more peaceful, healthier and happier world. Yet this is the world we all yearn for. And I find that with the image of such a world in my mind and in my heart, it is easier to take action, every day, to move things in the right direction. Of course the road is long and full of disappointments but still it gives me energy to keep going with that goal in sight. Without hope there is no hope. And so I dare to wish for a world in which people live in harmony with each other and with the natural world and all the wondrous animals with whom we share the planet."
Jane Goodall PhD DBE, Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

"I wish for a world where all people are treated with dignity, respect and equality – no matter who you are or who you love."
Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State

“My wish is to live in a society where marriage equality is a reality for all & where American families are treated with respect and dignity.” Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Congresswoman

"My wish is for us all to stop waiting on others to right the wrongs of our time and instead turn to the leader in the mirror. It is only by tapping into our own leadership potential that we can remake the world." Arianna Huffington, Author and Syndicate Columnist

"My wish is for the freedom of the Cuban 5." Mariela Castro, Director of CENESEX, Havana, Cuba

"Wishing love to all of those in search of it." David Arquette and Courteney Cox Arquette, Actors

"I wish that everyone could awaken with a clear conscience, work for a better world, and go to bed with a full tummy excited to see what comes next in their lives."
Harvey Fierstein, Actor and Playwright

"I wish all the men and women in the armed forces around the world much peace and love during the holiday season. Always dream!."
Kristi Yamiguchi, Olympic Champion

Jeff Cotter and Neale Donald Walsch with his wish for the Tree

Jeff Cotter and Neale Donald Walsch with his wish for the Tree

"May the world know we are all ONE!"
Neale Donald Walsch , Conversations With God Author

"May our world be blest with the meaning of a very beautiful Sanscrit word, a meeting place of peace and harmony for all beings, animal and human,,,,,,, SHAMBALA!"

Tippi Hedren, Actress and Animal Rights Activist

"Listen to one another and listen again."
Hal Holbrook, Actor

"Peace, prosperity and contentment for all."
Joan Fontaine, Actress

"My wish is for more justice for all of us--economic justice as well as social justice--starting with the recognition that poverty is not a sin." Dorothy Allison, Author

"Think" Shirley Temple Black, Actress and Diplomat

"Sweet love for all." RUPAUL, Entertainer, Citizen of the World

"My wish is for full equality, safety and happiness for LGBT citizens around the world" David Mixner, Author, Political Strategist and Civil Rights Activist

"I hope that our City can be successful in fulfilling the hopes of all of our diverse communities and exemplify a higher love of civic pride, strong neighborhoods and respect for each other" Mayor Ed Lee, San Francisco

"My wish is for a world where hope begets freedom… a world where opportunity is equaled by justice… a world where the health of our planet is considered as precious as the lives of our children."
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, California

Consul General of Japan Masato Watanabe and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee with their wishes

Consul General of Japan Masato Watanabe and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee with their wishes

"I wish that the children of the world to no longer suffer disease, abuse, starvation, murder, rape, torture, and jeopardy and suffering of all kinds"
Danielle Steel, Author

"I wish male fashion designers would be forced to wear the stuff they create for women, like stiletto heals. And that  all politician would have to live by the rules and laws they come up with for the rest of us. Like the ones on food stamps and minimum wage." Isabel Allende, Author

"My fellow people of our troubled world, my wish for each of us is that we discover our power to create the world we want. Solutions are known. Our genius is proven. May we shed feelings of powerlessness and walk with bold humility, trusting our best selves as we join with others in common purpose. Hope is contagious."
Francis Moore Lappe, Author and Activist, Diet for a Small Planet

"We wish everyone the best physical and mental health, prosperity and happiness. We wish everyone the love for each other this world needs."
Patty Duke and Michael Pearce

"You must be happy so that you spread happiness. That's your job."
Phyllis Diller, Comedian

"We must give children a voice in shaping a peaceful future. That is the only way the world has hope."
Pat Montandon, Peace Activist

Notable Wishes

"Wishing for everyone to learn how to love without war."
Gloria Ayson, 84, Angeles City, Philippine Islands

"I wish for the world to return to respecting Mother Earth & Father Sun. For, if we cannot learn to respect the very Earth that sustains us, we can never learn to respect each other... We all, people, animals flora and fauna must learn to respect ourselves and each other....for none of us can exist without the other. Life is all we truly have."
Jobeth Devereaux, 50, Bossier City, Louisiana

Children's Wishes

"I wish that the next time I leave Shadow and Sadie, my dogs, in the back yard, when we leave somewhere, that they would dig out of the yard and run far, far away. But I wish that only shadow would come back and not Sadie. I wish that Sadie was stolen off the streetand sold." Wolfgang, 12, Sparks, Nevada

"I wish it will snow in the morning so nobody does not have to go to school for 2 weeks!" Michael, 13, Long Island, New York