A sampling of wishes

Here are some sample wishes from others.

A world for our children more just, more fair, and more kind than the one we know now.
Senator Barack Obama, Illinois

As we look around the world today - at the conflicts, the destruction of the environment, the human and animal suffering – it almost seems absurd to say that my wish is for a more peaceful, healthier and happier world. Yet this is the world we all yearn for. And I find that with the image of such a world in my mind and in my heart, it is easier to take action, every day, to move things in the right direction. Of course the road is long and full of disappointments but still it gives me energy to keep going with that goal in sight. Without hope there is no hope. And so I dare to wish for a world in which people live in harmony with each other and with the natural world and all the wondrous animals with whom we share the planet.
Jane Goodall PhD DBE
Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

I wish the world would be free of hunger and starvation.  That all the children around the world would have a life filled with love and fullfillment of their dreams.

Gary Taylor, 37, Chicago, IL, USA

I wish for a world where all people are treated with dignity, respect and equality – no matter who you are or who you love.
Senator Hillary Clinton, New York

An end to all violence!

Dick Olsen, 69, San Francisco, CA

Wishing for everyone to learn how to love without war.

Gloria Ayson, 82, Angeles City, Philippine Islands

My wish is for a world where hope begets freedom… a world where opportunity is equaled by justice… a world where the health of our planet is considered as precious as the lives of our children.”
Mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco

That all the nations and peoples of the world will be at and live in peace. That we will together safeguard all the people and living things on this planet and protect the planet as a whole. That we will cease our greed and hatred and fear and instead open our hearts to each other, sharing our resources so that famine, homelessness, disease, malnutrition, lack of education, lack of opportunity are no more. That all the people of the world will live in freedom, without fear of persecution, oppression, tyranny, war. That we will stop the bloody cycles of our human history in this generation and use all that we have learned to make better choices for the future.

Cindy Greenburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sweet love for all!
RUPAUL, Entertainer, Citizen of the World

My wish for the world is that every young person will have a mentor to help them grow, and acheive thier dreams.

Benjamin Palmer, 23, Vancouver, BC, Canada

My fellow people of our troubled world, my wish for each of us is that we discover our power to create the world we want. Solutions are known. Our genius is proven. May we shed feelings of powerlessness and walk with bold humility, trusting our best selves as we join with others in common purpose. Hope is contagious.
Francis Moore Lappe, Author and Activist, Diet for a Small Planet

I wish for the world to return to respecting Mother Earth & Father Sun.  For, if we cannot learn to respect the very Earth that sustains us, we can never learn to respect each other...  We all, people, animals flora and  fauna must learn to respect ourselves and each other....for none of us can exist without the other.  Life is all we truly have.........

Jobeth Devereaux, 48, Bossier City, LA, USA

My wish for the world is that at some point in our lives that we all will be able to live in harmony, love, patience, caring, wealth, peace.  It is my wish that there will not be "labels" put on people that we think are different or are not like us.

Lace, 53, Oklahoma City, OK, USA

I wish that every person would put thier best  forward for the human race

Richard Newton-Treadway, 43, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

That people will love each other and respect the planet.

Christopher Rivers

Be kind to one another, really kind.

J. Rodriguez, 42, San Antonio, TX, USA

I wish that all of the children in the world receive a good education.

Carol Griggs, 53, Sonora, CA, USA

I wish for better health care for everyone.

Dale, San Francisco, CA , USA

Our wish is that one day, Rainbow World Fund has to go out of business because our services are no longer needed.

Jeff Cotter and Paul Stankiewicz, Creators of the Tree of Hope, age: 46 and 43, San Francisco, CA, USA




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