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Rainbow Humanitarianism



Why a Rainbow World Fund?

RWF contributes by specifically working in the LGBT community raising awareness and promoting philanthropy in the area of world humanitarian relief. When you look at charitable giving, most people give because of personal interest or connection. RWF provides that personal connection between the LGBT community and the international relief world. Through our outreach we have LGBT people giving internationally who never have before.

We create visibility. As LGBT people we know the tremendous power of coming out. RWF provides a platform and a united voice for LGBT compassion and concern to be seen and heard throughout the world. We are changing the way the world sees us. There are still a lot of misperceptions about LGBT people. Much of the world sees us as being just about sex, drugs and materialism. Our gay identity and contributions to society need to be visible. We need public support to achieve full civil rights. The visibility that RWF provides allows people to see that LGBT people are engaged and positively contributing to the world. We are about showing the world who we really are and what we care about.

We are taking gay giving to the next level. RWF reaches out beyond the LGBT community to share what HIV/AIDS and our civil rights struggle has taught us about coming together as a community in caring, giving, and loving. We have a lot to offer the world. RWF puts our highest beliefs and values into action. We provide our community with an opportunity to effect real global change. We unite LGBT people together with resources and with others to help heal our planet.

We are providing leadership, building bridges and building community. RWF is the first and only LGBT-based world relief agency. We unite LGBT people and resources with others throughout the world who are working to heal our planet. RWF’s global partnerships allow the communities we serve and our partner agencies to become more aware and open to the LGBT community. RWF brings LGBT people together who believe in the sacredness of life and believe that together we can heal the world. RWF provides the opportunity to affect real global change.

We believe that to change the world for the better we must begin by changing our own collective consciousness. We do this starting at home, working within the LGBT community by educating ourselves, our families and friends about world need and how we, as powerful individuals in a united community, can work together to heal our world.

Please join the Rainbow World Fund in bringing LGBT people and resources together to continue our work to bring healing to our world.