Tree of Hope 2009

A Global Holiday Project Promoting Peace, Love & Humanitarianism
by Rainbow World Fund

Creators of The World Tree of Hope

Jeffrey A. Cotter ~ Founder-President, Rainbow World Fund
A native of the United Kingdom, Cotter founded Rainbow World Fund in 2000 based on his desire to make a difference in the world. He wanted to tap into the LGBT community’s strength to help others and change the public’s misperceptions of LGBT people. A psychiatric social worker specializing in trauma recovery and HIV/AIDS case management. Cotter practices in San Francisco, California. Cotter has worked in the HIV/AIDS and LGBT civil rights fields since 1987.

Paul Stankiewicz, Project Manager
This is Paul's fourth year as a RWF volunteer and he wears many hats. Paul divides his time between luxury retail helping people get what they desire and RWF helping people get what they need to survive, live and thrive. He has a gift (of the gab) that makes him a fantastic friend and fund raiser. As co-creator with Cotter and project co-ordinator of The World Tree of Hope, he is working hard to make RWF more visible in the LGBT and friends community.

Karen N. Kai, RWF Board Member
An independent research and writing consultant, Kai is a community activist who has served on the boards of local, statewide and national Asian American, civil and human rights organizations. She is a former Chairperson of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and served as co-chair of its LGBT Advisory Board.

Vicky Mihara – Avery

Linda Mihara

June Sakamoto