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Guatemala Journey: July 4-13, 2019

Learn about the cultural, historical, spiritual, and political realities of the developing world.  Explore human rights issues with a people whose traditions span centuries of development.

The Rainbow World Fund Guatemalan Journey is an educational and cultural experience. We will learn from Guatemalans about the realities in their country by visiting projects that serve the Guatemalan people and engaging in social, cultural and artist exchanges. The trip includes visits to diverse communities, meeting with leaders from a variety of fields, spending time with the LGBTQ community and learning about their struggles,  we will experience great Guatemalan hospitality, and there will be plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish. The program strives to connect participants with the realities, struggles and hopes that Guatemalans experience each day. We also hope to bridge connections with Americans and Guatemalans in order to build understanding and partnerships. This will be RWF's eighth trip to Guatemala

Travel With A Purpose

  • Learn about the cultural, historical, spiritual, and political realities of the developing world. 

  • Explore human rights issues with a people whose traditions span centuries of development.

  • Experience ancient, colonial, and modern influences that have molded cultures of unique strength

  • Meet with members of the LGBT community, artists,and leaders in many fields

  • Learn about a transgender "underground railroad" that helps transgender women from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras get a new start in life

  • Visit medical clinics, art institutions

  • Meet survivors of the 36 year civil war and hear their stories

  • Participate in Mayan spiritual rituals with local Shamans

  • Help deliver medical and educational supplies ... be forever changed.

The dates of the trip are July 4-13, 2019. We will be traveling as a humanitarian aid group and our itinerary reflects this. Each journey is unique and we are still creating the itinerary for the trip. Our current itinerary begins in Guatemala City where we will visit projects that serve the LGBTQ community including OTRANS a nonprofit that services the transgender population. OTRANS runs a defacto "underground railroad" that helps transgender woman from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras find safety, supportive community, and work. We will also meet with REDNADS a leading LGBTQ civil rights nonprofit. We will visit the Women In Solidarity Clinic and learn about the many challenges that Guatemalan women face. While in Guatemala City we will also visit many sites of historic and cultural significance.

Next we will travel to Chichicastenango, a town in the El Quiché Department, known for its traditional K'iche' Maya culture. 98.5% of the municipality's population is indigenous Mayan K'iche. We will visit the 400-year-old church of Santo Tomás and be there for the famous outdoor market - the largest in Central America. We visit schools, villages and humanitarian projects in the surrounding area. We will then head south to stunning Lake Atitlán - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will stay on the southern shore of the lake in the town of San Lucas Toliman. There we will participate in a ancient healing ceremony with a Mayan Shaman. We will meeting with humanitarian aid workers, visiting forestry and farming projects and attending a religious service co-led a by a Mayan and Catholic priest.   We will meet with historians and learn about the 36 year civil war (1960-1996) and how it continues to impact the country. We will visit the town of Santiago Atitlán and learn about the many forms of mysticism practiced there.

After we leave Santiago Atitlán we will travel east to La Antigua Guatemala aka Antigua, a city in the central highlands of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture as well as a number of ruins of colonial churches. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala and as the Spanish colonial capital for a time. It has been designated a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. The nearly 500 year old city is surrounded by three volcanoes - it is like being transported back in time. Antigua will be a base for us to visit many humanitarian projects and sites of cultural interest. There will be time for an optional trip up to the northern jungle to visit the Tikal - a city and cultural center for ancient Mayan civilization. Many beautiful buildings have been uncovered and many more wait to be discovered. Among the many Maya sites in Central America, Tikal is perhaps the most breathtaking because of the scattered impressive pyramids and buildings which have been restored in an area with many more ruined buildings still enveloped by the jungle.

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